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Daisy Award:


August 13, 2013

Sue Heflin, RN receives Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nursing Care at Pinnacle Hospital

Crown Point, Indiana: The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses

The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses recognizes the very special work nurses do every day. The award was established by the Daisy Foundation, an organization for the elimination of diseases attacking the immune system - in memory of J. Patrick Barnes.

Barnes' parents established the foundation in their son's memory, as they had experienced firsthand the skills and compassionate care of several nurses. The award is awarded quarterly to outstanding nurses nominated by patients, families and professional colleagues in over 315 hospitals throughout our nation. Daisy Award honorees personify the remarkable patient care experience at Pinnacle Hospital. Sue Heflin consistently demonstrate excellence through her clinical expertise, skill and compassionate care. As a Daisy Honoree, Sue is recognized as extraordinary role model in the nursing community.


50 Physican-Owned Hospitals you need to Know...and we are one of them!

Posted: 8/18/11

Pinnacle Hospital (Crown Point, Ind.). Pinnacle Hospital, which opened in 2007, is a partnership between primary care physicians, surgeons and other specialists housed in a 18-bed, 63,000-square-foot facility. It contains the Indiana Breast Center, which has helped diagnose and detect breast cancer through various advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. Pinnacle Hospital also offers unique patient amenities with free Wi-Fi Internet and access to e-books.


Pinnacle Recognized for Quality Care

Posted: 3/28/11

Visit to read what they had to say about Pinnacle Hospital.

Pinnacle Hospital: Physician Owned, Superior Quality Care 


Spinal Cord Stimulation as pain management option?

Posted: 1/10/11

Learn more about neurostimulation/spinal cord stimulation..."get the pain relief you need from professionals you can trust" 

Visit for state of the art techniques and short descriptions of the procedures offered including spinal cord stimulation, radiofrequency treatment, epidural steroid injection, facet joint injection, discography/spinal diagnostic procedures and much more. You will find the answers to many questions our patients ask. You will also find some illustrations to help you understand the procedures Dr. Ramesh Kanuru, Board Certified Pain Management physician performs and links to his "Health-ful Tips" Library for articles and external links to healthy living.