Foot and Ankle Clinic now open every Saturday at Pinnacle Hospital.

 Every Saturday, Dr. Khan will be at Pinnacle hospital from 10:00am to 1:00pm to hold a foot and ankle clinic. He specializes in the treatment of nerve injuries and pain due to trauma and diabetic neuropath of the feet and lower legs by performing microsurgical repair and nerve grafting.

Dr. Khan came to Indiana from Rush Northshore Medical Center where he practiced and was a clinical instructor for the Residency program. He is also part of the clinical staff for Indiana University Medical School.

Dr. Khan has performed thousands of foot and ankle procedures treating adult and Pediatric Patients. He performs complex foot and ankle procedures such as ankle joint replacements and reconstructive surgery of the ankle and foot. Several of the orthopedic surgeons in the area refer complex cases to him.

To make an appointment you can contact his office at 219-924-3300.