Orthopedics at Pinnacle

The orthopedic specialists at Pinnacle Hospital make it their goal to go beyond simply bringing patients back to reasonable functioning. Instead, their intention is to help people return wholeheartedly to all the activities they enjoy most, including sports and recreational pursuits. Damaged bones and joints can cause significant pain and limit your ability to function the way you want to. Using the latest technology available, Pinnacle Hospital orthopedic surgeons treat patients suffering from a variety of injuries to bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and related tissues. We offer a variety of orthopedic services from advanced diagnostic imaging technology to innovative surgical procedures, to physical therapy and rehabilitation programs all designed to help you get back in doing the things you enjoy. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals take pride in providing individualized care to each patient.

Orthopedic experts at Pinnacle Hospital understand that the fear of surgical complications may delay the decision-making process. But patients at Pinnacle Hospital can rest assured that their hospital orthopedic team boasts some of the lowest complications rates in the region. That's great news of the thousands of people who require any kind of joint surgery, spine surgery or other general orthopedic procedure.

Services include but not limited to:

  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Bone and joint care for hands, elbows, shoulders, ankles, knees and hips
  • Ligament reconstruction
  • Repair of broken bones
  • Total joint replacement
  • Treatment for spine and back conditions
  • Treatment for sports injuries
  • Treatment of work-related injuries

What is an Arthroscopic Procedure?

In an arthroscopic procedure, an orthopedic specialist makes a minimal incisions, and inserts a tiny camera and thin instrument into the joint. The camera transmits images to a monitor, which the surgeon uses to view the procedure. This remarkable technology allows the surgeon to repair tears and other joint problems without major surgery. Many arthroscopic procedures do not require an overnight hospital stay. Patients return to the comforts of home sooner and generally experience less pain and faster healing.

Why Joint replacement?

Hip and knee replacement can help many people with debilitating joint pain return to active lives. Joints are formed at the ends of two or more bones connected by tissue called cartilage. Healthy cartilage provides a cushion for the bones, but when the cartilage is damaged or wears away, the bones can rub against each other, causing great pain. Joint replacement can reduce pain, restore movement to the joint, and improve the overall quality of a patient's life.

When only a portion of the joint is damaged, a surgeon may be able to perform partial joint replacement. In other cases, a total joint replacement is required and involves inserting artificial joints, called implants. Joint replacement typically requires a few days in the hospital for recovery and rehabilitation.

For a referral to a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, please call (219) 796-4000.

Pinnacle now offers: JOINT & SPINE Pre-Op Classes at Pinnacle Hospital

At Pinnacle Hospital, providing excellent patient care in a compassionate, healing environment is a top priority for us. And, we understand the anxiety many patients feel prior to surgery. That's why at Pinnacle Hospital is offering a complimentary Joint and Spine Classes in conjunction with your surgeon.

Hip, knee and spine surgery patients are anxious to return to active, pain-free lives. Our education program is designed to be a positive, encouraging experience. The goal is to relieve pain, restore independence, and return patients to active participation in daily activities. Our Joint and Spine classes help patients achieve this goal by emphasizing wellness and maximizing patients' recovery efforts.

The enthusiastic members of your healthcare team will help you: 

  • Prepare for your surgery and hospital stay
  • Discuss how to manage your pain
  • Review what to expect when you go home
  • Discuss how to manage your daily activities after surgery

How to register: Simply call 219.796.4090 and ask for the Joint and Spine Educator. For your peace of mind, we encourage you to bring along a spouse or support person.

Our staff has been carefully selected for their positive attitudes, motivational skills and their desire to provide exceptional service. In addition, they have been specifically trained to provide comprehensive clinical care for the patients undergoing surgery.

The following materials are available for download:

Patient Guide to Spine Surgery. Download PDF
Patient Guide to Knee Replacement Surgery. Download PDF
Patient Guide to Hip Replacement Surgery. Download PDF